Disney Aims to Determine Canon, Do Away with Expanded Universe

Disney Star WarsThis one is bound to get some fans a little hot under the collar. It seems that Disney is going to start cherry-picking what is and isn’t definitive Star Wars canon from all sources, the new movies all being canon and the EU having little place in it.

The Lucasfilm Story Group, including official Holocron-Keeper Leland Chee and author Pablo Hidalgo, will decide what aspects – past and present – will be part of Star Wars’ new approach at a singular canon and what aspects are not.

Disney’s Lucasfilm Story Group will do away with the current system that has a tiered hierarchy of canon levels for everything Star Wars from movies to Happy Meal box blurbs, and that means straightening out the 4 decades of Expanded Universe content from books and comics.

Consistency will be the aim to rule the roost come 2015 and the launch of the new films and Marvel comics, but also a path-clearing to telling new stories in the upcoming Star Wars sequel films since something like Dark Empire or the Thrawn trilogy would merely stand in the way of telling sequel stories in the new movies.

source: The Hollywood Reporter

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